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About us & our products

Welcome to our about page!

A little about us - Sass A Frass Candles is a mother-daughter business located in West Bend, Wisconsin and we have been making paraffin/natural soy candles and wax melts since 2017.

Since we started manufacturing in 2017, we evolved from only selling at craft fairs and hosting in-home candle parties to opening our first retail space in March of 2019! As you can imagine the timing wasn't the best, we celebrated our grand opening the Saturday before the state shut down due to Covid-19. Relying solely on online orders for sales, we made it through that tribulation and after a year at our first location in Barton, Wisconsin, we were able to obtain a retail space in downtown West Bend and have been operating there since April of 2021!

What separates us from your big box stores/candle brands is that Sass A Frass Candles is a small batch candle business and every single item sold is hand-poured by either Laurie or Abbey so we are familiar with each candle and melt that we pour from the beginning of the process all the way to the end when we ship our product to you or stock our shelves in our shop. We pride ourselves on knowing everything that goes into our products. With that being said, if you have any questions about or products, please do not hesitate to contact us at 262-483-9080, or by messaging us on Facebook or emailing us at [email protected].

Our wax products are made of a paraffin/natural soy blend. The blend is mostly natural soy wax, and the paraffin boosts the scent throw you will experience while melting your wax melts or burning your candles, and they also make the colors in our wax come out beautifully. We typically have around 200 fragrances available in our naturay soy and paraffin blend products.

In addition to offering natural soy wax products, we have also expanded into offering skin-nourishing cuticle oil! We are always testing something new behind the scenes and we can't wait to see how our business evolves in the coming years!

About the manufacturers:


Abbey is a University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point grad. She graduated in December of 2015 with a major in Family & Consumer Sciences; Child, Youth & Family Studies and a minor in Psychology. She works in the insurance industry when she isn't working on our website, filling our online orders, or pouring product.

Outside of the candle shop and the office you can find her doing research on how to better our business, playing with her two babies-Bowie and Maizie who are great danes, and hanging out with her husband, Ryan. She loves to travel, read, play video games, and do game nights with her friends! She is currently reading The Wheel of Time series and loves anything fantasy.

Why she loves being a part of Sass A Frass Candles:

I love being a part of Sass A Frass Candles because it's such a fun creative outlet for me! It has been a great experience building this business from the ground up with my mom and it's amazing seeing how much we learn and grow year after year. While it sounds boring (hello I work in insurance after all :D) I also really enjoy teaching others about responsible candle ownership and the importance of only burning 4 hours at a time and making sure they understand the importance of trimming their candle wicks (PS be sure to tune in soon when we start doing blogs - the first one I write will be on the importance of wick trimming!).

I also love getting to know our customers, I love that we have regular customers from all over the country that order from us - it is one of the biggest compliments knowing that someone out there loves our product enough to become a regular customer. I also love doing events outside of the candle shop that gets us to go to different areas of Wisconsin and meeting new customers that way because I loooooove to talk and meet new poeple! My favorite event we have done year after year so far is The Little Farmer's craft fair located in Malone, WI, even if craft fairs aren't your thing and you're in the area, you need to check them out!


When not in the candle shop Laurie likes spending time with her adult children and her grandchildren at her and her husband's house in the country. She and her husband, Fred, love spoiling their little Yorkie, Ellie Mae. She was the runt of the litter and now is a little spitfire that loves bossing the cats around!

True crime podcasts are what keeps Laurie occupied while baking, making candles and melts, and cooking. Laurie uses her skills in baking to make unique looking candles - just check out our dessert fragrance candles and you will see what we mean! It is so cool to see what happens when you push the limits with our natural soy wax blend!

Why she loves being a part of Sass A Frass Candles:

I love having the candle shop as my creative outlet by creating different scent combinations and unique candles and melts with our natural soy wax blend. In addition to the creative side, I also love meeting customers in-store and at events that we participate in. It is SO much fun seeing how excited new and long-time customers of ours get when sniffing our different candles and seeing our unqiue designs and how much they appreciate it!

I also enjoy seeing how much Sass A Frass Candles has grown. We initially started with us pouring candles in my kitchen, then moved to a spare bedroom, and now have our very own retail location! Abbey and I work well together because we each have our own skillsets to offer and encourage one another when it comes to new products we are thinking about making, it has been great seeing each of us evolve and learn as we run the business together.